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According to my friends and family, I have to be the most unlikely decluttering consultant going – I had a house filled with stuff accumulated from multiple moves, a divorce, international work experience, travelling and so on. But it is something I have become passionate about and can help you with.

Decluttering doesn’t mean getting rid of everything. It means consciously assessing the things in your home that create stress for you, deciding what you can’t live without, what would be better in someone else’s home, what you could donate to a charity, or take to the tip – what you can let go of. And everything that remains is what you love and feel comfortable with, and gives you a sense of calm and order with lighter shoulders. Or to put it another way – what do you really want to keep?

Sometimes we can’t tackle everything in one shot. I hope to give you enough confidence and a method to help you continue by yourself, but I’m also here for a top up if required or an additional pair of hands if you’re short of time, or energy and motivation.

Space for Less can help you with decluttering, staging your home for sale, moving services and photograph organising using sympathetic coaching skills acquired over many years of being in the corporate world. Let me help to create a new organised space for you. I am confidential, discreet and reliable.

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